And light followed the flight of sound...
on view at the Windgate Museum of Art

The One Day Projects book, And light followed the flight of sound..., is featured in the exhibition, In the Shadow of the Moon, at the Windgate Museum of Art at Hendrix College, Jan. 26-April 13, 2024.  

From the exhibition press release:
CONWAY, Arkansas—The Windgate Museum of Art at Hendrix College (WMA) on January 26, 2024, will open “In the Shadow of the Moon,” a dynamic, multi-media exhibition centered around humankind’s history and interest in the moon and space, to celebrate the upcoming total solar eclipse. Hendrix College and the central Arkansas region are in the path of totality for the April 8 eclipse, an event that will leave millions in North America awestruck.

Among the most spectacular visible natural phenomena — lightning storms, shooting stars, the aurora borealis — a solar eclipse seems to earn the greatest reverence, and with good reason.

“The star of ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ is the April 8, 2024, eclipse itself,” says curator Christian Cutler, director of the WMA. “This exhibition is both a celebration and a jumping off point. I hope visitors to ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ learn and reflect on humankind’s relationship to the Moon and the Sun.” Interpretations of Eclipses through History

Opening January 26 at 5 p.m., “In the Shadow of the Moon” will explore how different cultures have presented and interpreted solar eclipses in art. For instance, visitors will see eclipses portrayed as a dragon or a celestial wolf attempting to swallow the sun and included in the backdrop of European Renaissance crucifixion scenes to set a sorrowful or ominous tone.

The exhibition will also highlight the staying power of the solar eclipse as a worthy artistic subject. Science fiction illustrators, contemporary sculptors, and even video game designers incorporate eclipses into their work. Works by contemporary artists Tyler Nordgren, John W. Tomac, Lenka Konopasek, and Sarah Blood have been selected for the exhibition. “47 Rockets,” a mini-exhibit inside ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ by Nashville art duo Raina Belleau and Caleb Churchill, will explore history and folklore surrounding the moon with sculpture, video, and photography.

To provide historical context for the works of art, a collection of solar eclipse expedition artifacts will be on display, on loan from the James Lick Observatory in Mount Hamilton, California. Visitors can view scientific instruments, astronomers’ handwritten logbooks, and photographic plates made during expeditions in the late 1800s and early 1900s as far away as Chile, India, and the South Pacific.

The Windgate Museum of Art is the art museum located on the campus of Hendrix College. With a vision to be the premier teaching art museum in Arkansas, the Windgate presents outstanding art exhibitions, compelling educational programs, and invigorating social activities for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to campus. Free and open to all, the museum uses hands-on experiences to train students in all facets of museum work, including curatorial research, collection management, educational and social programming, marketing and communications, as well as all aspects of exhibition research, planning, installation, and evaluation. The Windgate Museum of Art is made possible with major support from the Windgate Foundation and the Alice L. Walton Foundation.


And light followed the flight of sound
Handmade Accordion Photobook Features 52 Photographers

We are pleased to announce our third collaborative One Day Projects artist book, And light followed the flight of sound, available October 1, 2018 from onedayprojects.org.

On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse provided a rare opportunity for people across the United States to experience a collective encounter. Despite the prevalence of contemporary political and cultural polarization, more than 215 million Americans – 88% of the country’s total population – stood side by side and looked skyward together, sharing in a quieting, unifying act.

Inspired by both the natural wonder and symbolic possibilities of this unique occurrence, Dudik and Ragland invited photographers from inside and outside the path of totality to document and share their experiences. The resulting book, And light followed the flight of sound, features 85 images by 52 emergent and established photographic artists. Presented as a 30-foot-long, hand-bound accordion with an enclosed saddle-stitched zine and essay by art historian Catherine Wilkins, Ph.D., University of South Florida, the limited edition of 150 copies was printed on digital offset, covered in a foil-stamped cloth, and comes housed in a clear Mylar sleeve, also foil stamped. As the book is removed from its sleeve, the foil stamps mimic the passage of the moon in front of the sun. Production of And light followed the flight of sound was made possible by a grant from the College of William & Mary Dean’s Fund; portions of the book were edited during a workshop with students from Duke University’s MFA in Experimental & Documentary Arts program.

The book’s title references E. M. Forster’s 1909 dystopian novella, The Machine Stops, in which the human species has become completely reliant upon technology to provide sustenance, deliver information, and mediate relationships. Today, life imitates art, and technology – which once promised to democratize knowledge and provide deep connection – has infiltrated the most intimate moments of our lives, increased individual isolation, provoked partisanship, and proliferated fake news.

“In an age in which even acceptance of scientific knowledge has become incomplete, divisive, and politicized, the 2017 solar eclipse marked a sought after, albeit temporary, restoration of reason and scientific truth,” said art historian Catherine Wilkins, Ph.d. “The photographs found in And light followed the flight of sound seek to restore viewers’ senses through an embrace of firsthand experience and critical visual reckoning of terrestrial – or celestial – facts.

“Through representational images of the natural world and works invoking historic photographic processes, figures stand agog as sublime skyscapes counter the quotidian in a palindromic sequence punctuated by reflections, phenomena of light and shadow, and geometric forms. Despite a wide variation of styles, approaches, and locations, the photographs in And light followed the flight of sound remind us of our commonality, advance a vision of community regained, and reveal the transcendent power of science and citizenship, activism and art, beauty and imagination.”

To celebrate the release, Candela Books and Gallery in Richmond, Virginia will exhibit the book alongside a selection of works from the project. The show will run November 1–December 22, with a gallery talk on Thursday, November 1, 5-8pm, and an opening reception on Friday, November 2, 5-9pm. See the Candela website for more information.

And light followed the flight of sound artists:

Ben Alper
Morgan Ashcom
Julia Bennett
Allison Beondé
Rachel Boillot
Christa Bowden
Aaron Canipe
Caleb Churchill
Daniel W. Coburn
Cary Conover
Mark Dorf
Joy Drury Cox
Eliot Dudik
Matt Eich
Lisa Elmaleh
AnnieLaurie Erickson
Jenny Fine
Annie Flanagan
Adam Forrester
Jill Frank
Matthew Gamber
Nathaniel Grann
Meg Griffiths
Joshua Dudley Greer
Daniel George
David Goldes
Thomas Locke Hobbs
Frances Jakubek
William Knipscher
Shane Lavalette
Sophie Lvoff
Elise Kirk
Devin Lunsford
Paula McCartney
Lisa McCarty
Sarah Meadows
Lindsay Metivier
Brittany Nelson
Lori Nix
Greta Pratt
Thalassa Raasch
Tom Rankin
Jared Ragland
Justin James Reed
Whitten Sabbatini
Anastasia Samoylova
Mark Steinmetz
Justine Tobiasz
Jonathan Traviesa
Ian van Coller
Sara J. Winston
Keith Yahrling

Download press release here: OneDayProjects-EclipsePR.pdf

05.07.2018 :

Indie Photobook Showcase, Candela Books + Gallery, Richmond

We are pleased to have the opportunity to create the second one day project as artists-in-residence at Candela Books + Gallery, May 4-7 during the Indie Photobook Showcase group exhibition.

Titled or give me death, the book is inspired by revolutionaries including Founding Father Patrick Henry, slave rebellion leader Gabriel Prosser, and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

11.26.2015 :

Project 1 

PhotoNOLA December 11-13

We are excited to release our first project during the 2015 PhotoNOLA Festival in New Orleans, LA, Dec. 10-13. PhotoNOLA is an annual celebration of photography in New Orleans, coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance in partnership with museums, galleries and alternative venues citywide.

On Sunday, Dec. 13, Eliot Dudik and Jared Ragland will participate in an artists' panel on photobooks at 3:30pm at the Contemporary Art Center, located at 900 Camp St. Following the panel Dudik and Ragland will sign limited edition copies of their yet to be titled photobook featuring photographs inspired by the Louisiana folk tale of Bras-Coupé. Each handmade book will include a limited edition pigment print by the artists.